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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Roberta Tupper
Weekly Report # 3
Invocation Prayer and Scripture Reading

This week at Westview Wesleyan during the morning worship service I was asked to read scripture and give the invocation prayer.

I joined the pastors 15 minutes before the service started and we all prayed together. Then we went on stage and began with a greeting, announcements, and then a call to worship in the form of scripture reading. Pastor mark gave me two verse to read from the NIV and when I was done with that I invited the congregation to pray with me.

One thing that I really didn't like was that during the announcements time, while i really don't think that they should be there in the first place, then they gave one announcement that lasted for 7-10 minutes. The announcements was on improvments on the church grounds. Granted, they did this at the beginning of the service, it still felt like that particular announcement didn't need to be made. Of course, I think that it is important that the congregation know what the church is spending their tithe on, but announcing it at the morning worship service hardly seemed appropriate.

The one thing that I learn most this week was that although I may pray all the time mentally or out loud to my friends, leading a congregation in prayer can be very nerve racking.

p.s. I did 2 practicums this week in anticipation of being gone for ministry teams - approved by Dr. Cherry

p.s.s. this blog is repeated twice for each practicum I did.


At 11:08 PM, Blogger Ben Robinson said...

Praying in front of a congregation can be incredibly nerve racking! Even when you've done it numerous times before. I pastored a church last year and there were times even near the end of my pastorate that I still felt incredibly nervous praying before the congregation (not to mention I would then have to preach to them!). The more you do it, though, the easier it becomes. In fact, it can be an incredibly joyful experience to lead your congregation in prayer to the Almighty. What a task we've been blessed with!
I agree with your sentiments regarding the announcements. It almost seems as if there is no good place for announcements. I wonder if it would be possible to somehow omit them entirely and leave those items to be communicated in another manner. I know this may be an added headache but perhaps it would be more beneficial than to interrupt the flow of a worship service.


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