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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Roberta Tupper
Weekly Report # 5
Observing Soundman

This week I observed the sound tech. guy during the service. Personally I think that it would be pretty stressful to run sound all the time. I mean, back at my home church, my dad taught me how to run our equipment, but only for little things and for short periods of time. But to run it for a whole worship service...i couldn't do it. I would get nothing out of the worship itself because I'd be so focused on the technical aspect of everything.

It makes me wonder if the guys who normally run sound, if they get anything out of it. If they don't then maybe we should have one or two qualified people to run sound and they could rotate, so that at least some of the time they could enjoy the worship service.

During this practicum I learned all about the stresses of running sound.

Roberta Tupper


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At 9:52 AM, Blogger Ben Robinson said...

You've posted thoughts similiar to what I posted in response to Brenna's practicum experience. Another issue that you touched upon, though, is that of stress. I imagine that there is great expectation placed upon the sound tech (especially in larger churches). It's kind of hard to hide the fact that the powerpoint isn't working, or that a row of lights won't turn on. Any technical failures fall upon the shoulders of the sound tech. Not only are they unable to truly participate in the service but they take the blame for technical blunders. Perhaps we've allowed innovation too great a place in our worship services. Yes, technology should be utilized but not at the expense of the needs of human beings. So where is the balance and how do we overcome this struggle?

-Ben Robinson

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