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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Roberta Tupper
Weekly Report #6
Designing a Power Point

This week during my practicum I designed a power point. It was quite and ordeal because I had never used power point in my life. But with very little problem I manuvered through the program and was able to successfully complete the task. All i had to do was to type the words to the morning worship and then I could email them to him. I did this and they got there successfully.

From this practicum I learned how to use the power point software. This was a really exercise for me.



At 8:03 PM, Blogger Ben Robinson said...

Power point...blessing...curse...or somewhere in between? I'm glad you had the opportunity to interact with some of the technology being used in services today. I will be honest, I hate power point.

Power point has the potential to enhance sermons (if used well), but overall it seems to be disastrous for sermons. Power point makes the sermon feel more like a presentation. "Here are the most important points of my sermon and essentially you can check out and only focus on what is written on the screen." It is terribly difficult to get in a good rhythm with the clicking of the slides and the pauses that almost inevitably occur. Granted, some pastors use them effectively, but in all honesty I find them to always be distracting.

As far as I am concerned if the preacher has prepared well their sermon should be powerful because it is the Word of God, not because they have successfully summarized their most important points. Some people may like them, but I do have animosity towards them.

But glad you got to use it. :)

-Ben Robinson
Post # 13
Week of Nov. 6-12


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